Colorpicker Formitem component

With this component, users can choose a color to be used in the framework as a CSS code. The color picker component's value is always a String. The format of the component can be changed and by default, it uses the hexadecimal format. Other formats that can be used are RGB and RGBA.

If the component has a null value, the color will be completely transparent. If the user edits the color by hand, and specifies an invalid color, the previously selected color will replace it.

The component appears on the interface as an input field, allowing users to input a color code. Next to the field is a button, that brings up a color palette. The user can select a color from here, or use predefined colors. These predefined colors can be created by using the ColorPicker.addColor(String, String) method.

By default, the palette has a small size. The component allows the palette to be displayed in a bigger size, in which case the ColorPicker.setLargePalette(boolean) method can be called, and given the true value.

The color picker component is a form item, so it can be placed on, and will be handled by the Form component. The color picker component can be used on its own, but then the developer must implement event and value handlers.

Supported events:

Show, Hide, Change, Focus, Edit, KeyboardEvents, HotKey, Drag&Drop

Style customization

Name Default value Derived value Computed value Comment
$colorpicker-selected-base-color $gray-200 $colorpicker-selected-base-color-->$gray-200-->#e9ecef #e9ecef Color picker default color.
$colorpicker-selected-width $font-size-base * 1.4 $colorpicker-selected-width-->$font-size-base * 1.4-->1rem * 1.4 1.4rem Color picker item box width.
$colorpicker-selected-height 0,8 0,8 Color picker item box height.
$colorpicker-box-min-width 9rem 9rem Minimum width for color picker box.
$colorpicker-box-shadow 0 0 ($spacer * 0.2) $shadow-color $colorpicker-box-shadow-->0 0 ($spacer * 0.2) $shadow-color-->0 0 (1rem * 0.2) rgba(#212529, 0.5) 0 0 (1rem * 0.2) rgba(#212529, 0.5) Color picker box frame shadow.
$colorpicker-box-padding $spacer * 0.3 $colorpicker-box-padding-->$spacer * 0.3-->1rem * 0.3 0.3rem Inner margin for color picker box.
$colorpicker-saturation-size 7rem 7rem Color picker box size.
$colorpicker-saturation-size 7rem 7rem Color picker box size.
$colorpicker-box-radius $border-radius $colorpicker-box-radius-->$border-radius-->0.25rem 0.25rem Color picker frame corner radius.
$colorpicked-hue-width 1rem - 1rem Color picker scale column width.
$colorpicked-hue-height 7rem 7rem Color picker scale column height.
$colorpicked-alpha-width 1rem - 1rem Color picker transparency column width (only in RGBA).
$colorpicked-alpha-height 7rem 7rem Color picker transparency column height (only in RGBA).
$colorpicked-color-height 0.7rem 0.7rem Height of the selected color bar in the color picker.
$colorpicked-color-selector-cube-size 0.7rem 0.7rem Size of predefined boxes in the color picker.

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