Blockquote Simple component

With this component, you can display a block quote on the application interface. A grey line in front of the text marks a quote. The source of the quote can also be provided, placing it below the quotation. See the JBStrap showcase for an example.

Style customization


Default value

Derived value

Computed value


$blockquote-border-color $gray-200 $blockquote-border-color-->$gray-200-->#e9ecef #e9ecef Blockquote border color.
$blockquote-border 0.35rem solid $blockquote-border-color $blockquote-border-->0.35rem solid $blockquote-border-color-->0.35rem solid $gray-200-->0.35rem solid #e9ecef 0.35rem solid #e9ecef Blockquote border.
$blockquote-padding ($spacer * 0.75) ($spacer * 1.5) $blockquote-padding-->($spacer * 0.75) ($spacer * 1.5) (1rem * 0.75) (1rem * 1.5) Blockquote padding.

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