JBStrap Utilities

This section covers the various JBStrap Utilities. These are miscellaneous libraries and classes that are not standalone plugins.  Learn about the Validators, multi-language support, MailAPI and others in this section.


  • BooleanConverter : Use this to convert values into logic values
  • Utils : This page covers multiple utils, such as the CryptoUtils. Use it to implement basic encryption to text values. HTML, String, Criteria and JSON utils are also available.
  • Validators : JBStrap comes with Boolean, Date, Float, Integer, IntegerRange, Long and Null validators. You can also create a custom validator.
  • Multi-Language Support : Learn how to create multi-language applications.
  • MailAPI : E-mail support, using JavaMail
  • Parameters : A class that is used to store and pass general parameters
  • Icons : JBStrap uses Font Awesome 4.7 icons
  • Using Custom JavaScript : Learn how to use custom JavaScript with JBStrap. The framework also supports the use of jQuery 3.1.1