Image Simple component

You can display an image on the interface by using this component. This image must be made accessible to the application through the URL. This means that the image must be in the application's webcontent folder. If the image is not stored there, the system will look for the image at the specified URL.

Supported events:

Show, Hide, Animations, Focus, Click, MouseEvents, Scroll, Touch, HotKey,Drag&Drop

Style customization


Default value

Derived value

Computed value


$thumbnail-border-radius $border-radius $thumbnail-border-radius-->$border-radius-->0.25rem 0.25rem Thumbnail border radius.
$thumbnail-caption-color $body-color $thumbnail-caption-color-->$body-color-->$gray-900-->#212529 #212529 Custom text color for thumbnail captions.
$thumbnail-caption-padding $spacer * 0.7 $thumbnail-caption-padding-->$spacer * 0.7-->1rem * 0.7 0.7rem Padding around the thumbnail caption.

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