Button Simple component

Button component

Use this component to place a button on the interface. The button can be customized, and it can have an icon and/or text on it. You can implement the click event handler on the server-side.

Other menu items can be placed on the button, and they are displayed to the user when they press the button. The menu items have their own click events that can be set individually.

The button component supports using animations that can be used when the button appears or disappears. Use the method setAnimation() to set the animation. For animation types, see the Animation enum.

A counter can also be placed on the right side of the button. The counter can have any integer number. This can be used to enumerate content; for example, the amount of unread messages.

Adding a click event to a button

Create a button that the user can click on:

Here, you create a PRIMARY type green button with the text "Welcome" and a lightning icon next to it.

Create the event handler that runs when the user presses the button:

With this code, you have created the click event management method. The event will be triggered when the user clicks the Welcome button. If the event handler runs, it will modify the originally blank label by displaying the greeting sign that already contains the name specified by the user.

Style customization


Default value

Derived value

Computed value


$btn-default-color inherit inherit
$btn-default-bg $body-bg $btn-default-bg-->$body-bg-->$white #fff
$btn-default-border $input-border-color $btn-default-border-->$input-border-color-->$gray-400 #ced4da
$btn-icon-outline-color inherit inherit Button label color.
$btn-icon-outline-bg-color transparent transparent Button background color.
$btn-icon-outline-border 1px solid $border-color $btn-icon-outline-border-->1px solid $border-color--> $gray-200 --> #e9ecef 1px solid #e9ecef Button icon frame color.
$btn-icon-outline-hover-color $white $btn-icon-outline-hover-color-->$white--> #fff Button icon hover background color.
$btn-icon-outline-padding ($spacer * 0.25) ($spacer * 0.5) $btn-icon-outline-padding-->($spacer * 0.25) ($spacer * 0.5)--> (0.25rem) (0.5rem) Button inner margin.
$btn-rounded-border-radius ($spacer * 4) $btn-rounded-border-radius-->($spacer * 4)-->(4rem) (4rem) Corner radius for rounded buttons (.btn-rounded)
$btn-padding-y-xs $btn-padding-y-sm * 0.8 $btn-padding-y-xs-->$btn-padding-y-sm * 0.8-->$input-btn-padding-y-sm * 0.8-->0.25rem * 0.8 0.2rem Lower and upper padding for mini buttons.
$btn-padding-x-xs $btn-padding-x-sm $btn-padding-x-xs-->$btn-padding-x-sm-->0.5rem 0.5rem Mini button side padding.
$btn-font-size-xs $btn-font-size-sm * 0.8 $btn-font-size-xs-->$btn-font-size-sm * 0.8-->0.75rem*0.8 0.6rem Mini button font size.
$btn-line-height-xs $btn-line-height-sm $btn-line-height-xs-->$btn-line-height-sm-->$line-height-sm-->1.5 1.5 Mini button line height.
$btn-border-radius-xs $btn-border-radius-sm $btn-border-radius-xs-->$btn-border-radius-sm-->$border-radius-sm-->0.2rem 0.2rem Rounded mini button corners.

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