JBStrap themes and styles

JBStrap lets you control the look and feel of your applications. You can use the many SASS variables to customize your application.

JBStrap also comes with built in themes. These are predefined, and if you're familiar with Bootstrap, you should feel right at home, especially since you can use other Bootstrap themes with JBStrap!

The Theme folder can be found under the Style folder, which is created when you make a new project with a JBStrap Maven archtype. Themes can be downloaded individually.

During compiling, CSS files will be generated from the SCSS files, according to the themes used.

You can change themes while the application is running. This can be called anywhere in the application:

The Theme name is the name you gave to your theme. You can also use 3rd party Bootstrap 4 Themes in your JBStrap application, you will have to refer to it by its name.

If you need to customize themes, or create your own, you can do that too! Read on to find out more about: