JBStrap LDAP connection

The LDAPConnection class creates the connection between the application and the LDAP server. First, you have to instantiate the LDAPConnection class, then specify the connection parameters. Once you're done with this, call the connect() method to create the connection in the init() method of application startup class.

Creating an LDAP connection using the LDAPConnection class

You can set the following parameters:

Setting the LDAP URL
Setting whether an authentication is needed
Setting the authentication protocol
Setting a user name for the authentication
Setting a password for the authentication
Setting the class for the authentication
An LDAP Referral provides a reference to an alternate location in which an LDAP Request may be processed
Setting the debug level
The string representation of an integer that represents the number of milliseconds that an idle connection may remain in the pool without being closed and removed from the pool
Setting the default search depth
Setting the default search path
Setting the connection parameter (any LDAP parameters are accepted)