JBStrap sass variables

This page is a reference for Sass variables used in the JBStrap framework. The variables are organized into tables with the following table columns:

  • Name: variable name.
  • Default value: variable values. Some variables, however, reference other variables in their values.
  • Computed value: the actual value of a variable.
  • Comment: a text description of what the variable does.

JBStrap's Sass variables fall into three major categories: Bootstrap variables, general variables and component-specific variables.

Bootstrap settings

Variables in this category are derived from Bootstrap and their default values are also the same as those of Bootstrap. If you want to create a custom theme for your application, you may need to customize these variables. Read more on creating custom themes here .

General settings

General Sass variables are non-specific variables used by JBStrap.

Component-specific settings

Component-specific variables define the appearance of components.