JBStrap DataDescriptor Solution

The JBStrap framework offers a unique solution for data handling called the DataDescriptor. Instead of having to specify SQL statements for each data retrieval operation, DataDescriptors do these automatically and with much less coding. They are designed to help developers easily visualize data on the UI, which means components like the ListGrid or Form have a built-in support for DataDescriptors. The DataDescriptor solution provides a bridge between the physical data structure and the logical data structures used in your code.

DataDescriptors ensure an automatic data binding layer between the client browser, the server side and the physical data source. This not only contains data structures along with the data type(s), name, etc., but it can also process read/write data handling operations following a specific structure. Physical data sources can be: RDBMS, LDAP, ElasticSearch, REST API, etc. This solution enables lists, forms or regular components to display, filter and sort data.

Here is how you can visualize data on a ListGrid or a form with minimal coding:

DataDescriptors are needed to use automatic data binding in the application. They contain columns to describe the structure of the physical data source and contain also visual settings for the components. DataDescriptors allow you to use Criteria and Order objects to make filtering and ordering easier. By default, DataDescriptors are loaded from XML , you can also create DataDescriptors programmatically .